Play in the Sandbox!

The best way to gain experience working in a wiki is to... um... work in a wiki.

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Most wikis have a special page called a sandbox. The sandbox is a designated area where new users can "play around" with wiki formatting, features and editing. For this Thing 3, we have a whole wiki site to use as our sandbox!

To get started on your sandbox Wiki, visit our wiki sandbox and read the instructions on the front page.

All the info you need to sign up and get to "wiki-ing" is included on the sandbox site. P. S. There is no required blog post to accompany Thing 3. so feel free to share a link to your wiki page in your blog, and talk about your wiki sandbox experience if you like.

TCS Wiki Sandbox:

Extra info about working in Wikispaces:

Wikispaces Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
external image pdf.png [[file/view/06-09_Wikispaces_Cheat_Sheet.pdf|06-09_Wikispaces_Cheat_Sheet.pdf]]
Optional: a note about this edit for the page history log

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